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Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for the Air Patrol Solution to develop platforms and tools to deliver software and services to mobile devices based on their location and user context.


Leading enterprises and agencies depend upon AirPatrol to help them solve their most pressing wireless security and situational awareness issues. The mobile computing and bring your own device (BYOD) revolution has made location and context more important than ever. A smartphone is not simply a phone; a tablet is not simply a web-browser - they are also business computers, cameras, navigation devices, game consoles, social tools and more. And what they are largely depends on where they are and who is using them.


AirPatrol Corporation is dedicated to developing innovative technologies that help enhance and secure these devices by delivering features and functionality that can change based on where they are and who is operating them. The current product line-up includes a suite of location-based mobile and wireless enterprise security solutions that offer deliver detection, precision locationing (within zones as small as 10 feet) and management for devices on WiFi, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular networks.

AirPatrol enables organizations to:


  • Combines wireless infrastructure tools with endpoint software to enable enterprise-class end-to-end network risk management capabilities.
  • Supports IT best practices and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Enforces wireless policies and react to threats in real-time.
  • Supports the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, with solutions that are simple to configure and easy to maintain.
  • Designs non-proprietary and scalable systems for the future, combining the network planning and management tools necessary to ensure optimal performance.

ZoneDefense enables organizations to: 


  • Smartphones, tablets, wearable computers, laptops and other mobile devices are great tools, but they’re not the same as desktops and servers. They connect to networks beyond your perimeter security, they run unknown applications, they move through your facilities with ease. And frequently, you have no idea who is using them or for what purpose.
  • That’s why there’s ZoneDefense. The ZoneDefense Mobile Device Security Platform provides full-scope detection, locationing and monitoring of mobile devices so you can confidently manage and mitigate the risks presented by rogue applications and careless or potentially malicious users.
  • ZoneDefense Screenshots


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Air Patrol and Zone Defense  features include:


  • Full-scope detection for all mobile devices — WiFi and Cellular
  • High precision device locationing — accurate to within 1.5 meters
  • Mobile device monitoring console and real-time notifications and alerts
  • Integration with most major 3rd party mobile device & application management, network security and policy enforcement systems


World’s most accurate mobile device locationing    

In a security situation, knowing the “general area” of a device isn’t particularly useful – especially if that area includes multiple buildings, floors and thousands of possible locations. But with ZoneDefense’s patented AirPatrol Location Engine Technology (AP-LET), device location is accurate to within two meters – more than 10 times the precision of other locationing systems. With ZoneDefense devices – both known and rogue – can be detected, located and tracked across areas as large as a multi high-rise campus and pinpointed to an area as small as an office cubicle.


  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Location accurate to 1.5 meters


AirPatrol ZoneEngine


  • Develop applications that incorporate the world’s most precise location-based services platform. The AirPatrol ZoneEngine is our 3rd party dev platform that lets software developers tap into AirPatrol’s locationing engine for precision location-based services, information delivery, and mobile sensor log analysis.




  • Precision indoor and outdoor location-based services and analytics for cellular and WiFi devices. The ZoneAware™ platform enables virtually any mobile application or web-based service to become location-based. Designed for retailers, property managers, hospital and healthcare facilities managers, resort operators, public venue operators and others who want to enable different location based services in whole buildings or zones as small as 1.5 meters.


ZoneEngine API


  • AirPatrol’s ZoneEngine™ lets developers incorporate the world’s most precise location-based services platform into their mobile apps, websites and information services. Designed for developers and service providers that want to provide indoor location services or go beyond the limits of GPS locationing, ZoneEngine can provide mobile locationing and zone-based app and information delivery to zones as small as 1.5 meters across.



The world's most accurate mobile locationing and security platform.

Mobile devices are a lot more than just miniature versions of a PC, so your mobile security needs to be more than mini versions of your PC and network security. With mobile, you need to be aware of not only "who" and "what" but "where" and "when" as well. AirPatrol ZoneDefense provides full-scope location and monitoring of all mobile devices—both friendly and unknown—in your or-ganization as well as zone-based security policy enforcement so you can confidently manage and mitigate mobile risks.



The ZoneAware platform takes location-based application and services delivery to a whole new level. Built on AirPatrol's Zone technology—the world's most accurate mobile detection and locationing technology—enterprises, retailers, hospi-tals, property managers, and more, can dynamically and securely deliver applications and information to mobile devices in zones as precise as a 1.5 meter radius. Moreover, ZoneAware's context-aware features means you can deliver differ-ent information to different people within the same zone or across multiple zones.




Based on AirPatrol’s advanced sensor product, the ZD3030 sensor, the RDS3030 has tunable software and programmable RF receivers that dynamically survey active cel-lular up-link channels and WiFi channels to enable detection and location of both cellular and 802.11 WiFi devices.


RDS3030 combines the ZD3030 cellular/WiFi sensor technology with a wireless mesh node and rechargeable battery power—enabling a quick, flexible, and portable sys-tem setup. All this in a high-impact weather-proof portable case.



ZD3030 and ZD 3030i Cellular and WiFi Sensor  
Accurate and reliable detection, location and continuous monitoring of all WiFi and cellular devices. A revolutionary approach for mobile and BYOD in the Enterprise.


ZD3030 sensors are used with AirPatrol software to deliver powerful wireless sensing capabilities with performance characteristics superior to any other currently available wireless sensor.



The AirPatrol platform includes a network of RF sensors that detect and locate cellular and WiFi devices. These passive sensors are sensitive enough to detect a simple ping to the cell tower and detect active wireless transmission of cellular and smart devices. The ZD3030 Cellular/WiFi sensor combines cellular phone detection and 802.11 a/b/g/n de-vice detection in a single package. The ZD3030 has tunable software and programmable RF receivers that dynamically survey active cellular up-link channels and WiFi channels. This sensor is also available for international use, known as the ZD3030i.

To enhance productivity and efficiency, employees are increasingly turning to wireless devices and networks to get the job done. The security experts at AirPatrol believe that a defense-in-depth approach to wireless security yields the greatest results, especially when it comes to protecting corporate laptops. Armed with AirPatrol’s endpoint security solution, an IT administrator can ensure the proper use of wireless laptops for those users on the go. At the center of AirPatrol’s protection suite is its Wireless Endpoint Client software (WEC), a small application that runs as a system service on wireless laptops. WEC protects the laptop by strictly defining how the wireless interface will be used.




A national correctional facility was experiencing problems with cell phone use by inmates. Although a secure facility, cell phones continued to be discovered by guards through routine checks and accidental fortune. Cell phone conversations were out-of-band and could not be monitored by prison system communications. There was an urgent need to discover all devices.





With BYOD (bring your own device) gaining acceptance in enterprises, new risks are introduced. Personal devices that connect to the company network also connect to the home network, creating an out-of-network presence in the network and multiplying the number of endpoints connected to sensitive data. Continuous monitoriing of devices in data centers and knowledge of any network interaction is vital.






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