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GDPR and Privacy Information Management System

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This 4 days GDPR course enables you to comprehensive concepts, requirements and a full overview regarding planning and implementing of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR course aims to protect the personal data, ensuring that any data processing concerning any natural persons is lawful, enhancing security and transparency of data processing. Data protection is difficult ,including personal datas is difficult to control because its dynamic. The GDPR is good for business ,it helps to security, risk, enabling data security to become central components of corporate culture and GDPR compliance and data security mean for the business as a whole, while also helping to foster a greater sense of community and cohesiveness.The GDPR will enforce data protection requirements for all corporate that process PII, and monitor the behaviour of EU (Europe Union) citizens.
The Privacy Information Management system is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management,it makes a privacy program work for your business organization. Our GDPR and Privacy Information Management System is certified by Exemplar global leading international authority in the certification of training providers.

Learning Level:  
4 days

Day 1
∗ Introduction of EU GDPR
∗ Overview of Key EU GDPR terminology and background.
∗ Why is it important to protect and safely manage personal data;
∗ Main differences between the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
∗ An overview of the current UK Data Protection Act 1998
∗ New definitions of Personal Data;
∗ Main differences between the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
∗ Data processing for business purposes.

Day 2
∗ Implementing and complying with the EU GDPR
∗ Rights of data subjects 
∗ Privacy by design.
∗ Incident response and reporting a break.
∗ Updating procedures and policies.
∗ Training and competency requirements.
∗ International data transfers.
∗ Key areas of legislation and liabilities;
∗ Common data security failures, consequences, and lessons to be learnt.

Day 3
∗ Privacy principles in the GDPR
∗ Privacy impact assessments of data
∗ Development of a risk management framework.
∗ The rights of data subjects.
∗ Dealing with third parties
∗ Data in the Cloud.
∗ How to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.
∗ Reporting requirements of a data breach
∗ Third parties and outsourcing
∗ The importance of fostering a culture that values information
∗ Learning from discussion, real life examples and scenarios
∗ Where to find further information and support
∗ Summary and Q & A session

Day 4
∗ Written Assessment for Participants 

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