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Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for Websense Products and Solutions to deliver security solutions that adapt to the rapidly changing technology and threat landscapes- APTs, Malware, Spear-phishing, Insider Threats and more. 



Deployable Adaptive Security 

  • Websense customers take each new security challenge in their stride without the headache of expensive and complicated system changes.


Protection Everywhere

  • The perimeter is the data. With Websense, you can protect your critical data from theft whether it’s on-premise, in the Cloud or on mobile devices. Our security solutions can be deployed in a wide variety of configurations to suit the complex demands of global deployment and management.


Raising the Security IQ

  • Websense can help fill your cybersecurity personnel gaps. IT teams are often unable to identify where the real threats exist, how to stop them or prevent data theft. Websense addresses these difficult challenges across the entire threat lifecycle, enabling security personnel to raise all their performance levels.


Going beyond security solutions

  • Many security solutions are overly dependent on ‘technology’ alone. A critical weak link has always been the end user. Whether by accident or malicious intent, companies need to protect themselves from employees who will inevitably make profound errors of judgment. Websense provides real-time feedback to educate and motivate end-users to avoid risky behavior.


How Websense is different


  • We can stop threats no one has seen before
  • Our containment defenses stop data leaks
  • We provide this protection in real time
  • We provide protection for your data everywhere


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Websense® products solve a number of information security problems.


Thousands of organizations worldwide use Websense web, email, data and mobile security products to solve any number of information security problems.


Our products can help any organization:


  • Protect against advanced threats and data theft.
  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Secure confidential data.
  • Manage risk and compliance.
  • Boost your bottom line.


Websense has scale-to-fit security for complex needs. 


Doing business in multiple countries and cultures with diverse laws and regulations creates huge compliance complexities. And global mobile workforces require security that's flexible and easy to update.


Our security offerings support your efforts by helping you:


  • Secure your business against advanced threats and targeted attacks.
  • Enable secure use of the social web.
  • Provide data loss prevention (DLP) with inbound and outbound protection.
  • Get the most comprehensive security at the lowest overall cost.
  • Consolidate platforms to save time and cut costs.


Websense TRITON™ APX solutions give you web, email, data and endpoint security in one product operated from one console.


This increase in efficiency can cut your operating costs, and increases savings even more by:


  • Extending security policies to branches and mobile workers.
  • Filtering spam in the cloud to keep it off your servers to boost bandwidth and employee productivity.
  • Giving you centralized management for web, email and data security products.
  • Ensure redundancy with ease. If your systems go down, your productivity and profit go with them. Websense Hybrid High Availability gives you automatic redundancy in the cloud. So if your on-premises appliance goes down, traffic automatically routes to the cloud — no disruption, no worries.


Enterprise-class security for small- and mid-size budgets.


Today, even smaller companies fall victim to the toughest web, email and data security threats. That's why you need top-notch security that's also affordable, nimble enough to match your changing needs, and easy for your IT staff to manage.


Websense® information security products can boost your bottom line and increase productivity by providing:


  • One vendor for web, email and data security to lower your TCO.
  • Single-console management and reporting to free up staff for other critical tasks.
  • World-class web, email and data security to avoid costly security breaches.


You can also choose from our in-the-cloud security products. A cloud-based deployment can boost your bottom line by:


  • Eliminating hardware to buy or maintain.
  • Intercepting spam in the cloud to free up bandwidth and employee time.
  • Giving you instant scalability for mobile workers, remote offices and staff growth.


Our security solutions meet demanding federal security compliance standards.


Advanced Threat protection for roaming users with or without hardware. Web security today requires the most advanced, real-time in-line defenses, combined with ease of deployment, lower cost of operations and the availability of a cloud security service. Websense® Cloud and Hybrid Modules extend Advanced Threat protection for web and email clients to roaming users.





Gain visibility, control and security of inbound and outbound sensitive da ta by extending enterprise DLP capabilities to your Web and Email Channels From a damaged reputation to regulatory fines and penalties, a data breach can have devastating consequences for your organization. And as workforces become more mobile, it’s critical that you get visibility into the sensitive data coming and going to and from your network.




Ensure confidential delivery of sensitive email In a world of connectivity, Email continues to dominate professional communications, making it a primary target for cybercriminals. Every organization needs to protect its intellectual property, business dealings, customer and employee privacy and more.






Data loss prevention (DLP) has a poor reputation among information security professionals. DLP implementations are thought to be complex and costly, and many are left to languish in the data discovery, classification and monitoring phases, unable to ever produce the hoped-for benefits of active data loss prevention policies. High consulting fees often conspire to drive down return-oninvestment (ROI ) for DLP projects, and overly exhaustive efforts to discover every piece of potentially valuable data at rest across multiple business processes contribute to the gridlock. It’s no wonder many newcomers to DLP fear it.




The ranks of cyber threat actors around the globe grew to staggering proportions in 2014. In an age of MaaS (Malware-as-a-Service), threat actors that in past years would have lacked the skill to succeed now have access to the technology and tools produced by various specialized threat kit brokers, attack service providers, malicious source code samples and other opportunities to buy or subcontract portions of a complex and highly evasive multi-stage attack.




This year’s headlines made it clear: the number of devastating cyber-attacks is increasing and the costs aren’t just financial. Every data breach can irreversibly damage an organization’s reputation, a priceless commodity. In this high risk threat landscape, protecting your data from malicious attacks requires not only the right tools, but a pre-emptive awareness of the latest threats and tactics. Below are Websense’s 2015 Security Predictions - eight critical cybercrime trends that will challenge IT security professionals everywhere.


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