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ISO/FDIS 22301 :2019 Final Draft been released on 31st Oct 2019

Business continuity management standard ISO 22301 revision

Previously                                                                                       Now 
ISO 22301:2012-Societal Security                                                    ISO 22301:2019-Security and Resilience

Key changes to ISO/FDIS 22301

  • Reordered Clause 8 contents,Terms is more simplified and accurate
  • Deleted duplications from contents of Clause 8
  • Risk appetite references are  removed
  • Introductory guidance has been replaced with ISO 22313 the BCMS guidance documents
  • More focused on planning for changes to the BCMS
  • Reduced the prescriptive procedures and documentation requirements
  • Business continuity strategy is more clearly shown as “Business continuity strategy and solutions”
  • Business continuity plans are linked to supporting the teams and responsible people

Nbiz Infosol will  help you to  understand the changes,continue to keep updating and supporting our clients with standards , support materials and training courses