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Boole Server

Nbiz Infosol as an authorized partner, distributor, and reseller for the Boole Server Solution will enable every organizations to prevent the improper use of confidential files by unauthorized cooperators, suppliers, and users. 


The Boole Server data loss prevention software protects the confidentiality of information.


Nowadays, it is easier than ever to lose control of confidential documents which, without protection, can be printed, copied or forwarded to competitors or press agencies. Do not forget that employees can keep and use the documents they own, even when they no longer work with their former employers.


Thanks to Boole Server all documents and data will be always protected and under control through the highest-level data loss prevention system.


The system developed by Boole Server offers:

  • Protection of confidential company files
  • Immediate and controlled data sharing with work groups, cooperators or customers, even via e-mail
  • Absolute integrability with the most widely used applications (e.g. Office, Sharepoint)
  • Constant monitoring of all accesses and uses on encrypted files
  • Flexibility to suit the needs of both professional firms and multinationals with complex structure. Boole Server can be applied to countless fields of use, and meets the needs of multinationals, as well as SMBs, professional firms, and the Public Administration. This is confirmed by the direct experience of organizations and companies which have already implemented and used our data protection software with satisfaction.
  • Compatibility with all devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops), so that every user can manage the secure sharing of company files even when connecting from outside the company.


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Server - The core of the whole data protection system

The Boole Server system protects the confidentiality of company data against any interception attempt, by blocking all channels through which confidential information may be improperly viewed, disclosed or corrupted. The Server where Boole Server is installed on is the core of the whole system for company file protection.


Just like the mind which governs and controls a sophisticated system, within the Boole Server architecture the server is responsible for all operations ensuring the protection and encryption of data, information related to profiles and relevant authorizations to access and use every single file.


Processing such data allows Boole Server-based solutions to focus on:

  • control of data confidentiality
  • protection of the intellectual property
  • granular access to information according to hierarchical functional and customizable rights
  • traceability of the operations users perform on files
  • protection against thefts of company data


Agent - Highest protection for company data
The Boole Server Agent has been conceived to meet the needs for highest data protection, while ensuring further control and protection operations on company files to be added to those included in the Web Application.


Through the Agent, Boole Server users can:

  • benefit from the Top Secret functionalities to block unauthorized screen capture activities
  • work on files in protected mode
  • encrypt files and folders in local
  • share encrypted resources in local in a selective, granular and temporary manner
  • create encrypted local disks
  • synchronize a local disk with centralized resources accessible via Web Client
  • encrypt local resources and make them accessible even without connection to the Boole Server


Web client - The tool to use Boole Server functionalities
The Boole Server Web Client is the tool through which users can exploit the functionalities the system provides. They only need to connect from any Internet browser, either Windows or Mac.


The Web Client control panel allows:

  • protected centralization of files and folders
  • sharing of company files in a selective, granular and temporary manner
  • creation and control of access profiles
  • monitoring the activities performed by users on protected files
  • sharing messages in encrypted mode
  • viewing files in protected mode
  • encryption of company texts and files
  • sending via e-mail direct links to centralized encrypted resources


Mail Encryptor - Dedicated plug-in integrated in Microsoft Outlook
Thanks to the dedicated plug-in, it is possible to integrate Boole Server protection mechanisms within Microsoft Outlook for a complete fusion with the most widely used e-mail client included in the Microsoft Office suite. Without leaving the Office application, it is possible to encrypt, send, and receive e-mails in the most secured and easy way.


The possibility to set automatic protection rules also allows that e-mail messages are automatically encrypted every time the system detects a given word or information previously marked as “sensitive”.


Sharepoint Connector - A further guarantee to protect company data
All Sharepoint users are offered a dedicated plug-in through which to use all Boole Server protection functionalities for company files directly on the resources managed by the centralized system.

New functionalities, such as data encryption and granular access to files already shared with the platform. A further server-side guarantee to protect and secure confidential data.
The usability of Sharepoint and the protection of Boole Server are now offered together.

Ensuring the security of company files is the mission of Boole Server, which constantly develops and enhances its data-centric software to guarantee complete protection and ease of use for all users.


This is the reason why Boole Server provides useful documents to inform and raise users’ awareness about the conscious use of protection services: from the innovative Boole Server system to the company cloud, all tools must be used correctly to avoid loss of company data.



Boole Server is the software designed to protect confidential files and allow their immediate and controlled sharing with work groups, staff , and customers, at any time and through any device. The files archived and transferred with Boole Server are protected against all attempted thefts or unauthorized accesses; only authorized users can access, use, view, or edit the files they have received in sharing.





All SharePoint users are offered a dedicated plug-in through which to use all Boole Server protection functionalities directly on the resources managed by the centralized system. A further server-side guarantee to protect and secure confidential data through functionalities, such as data encryption and granular access management to already archieved files. The usability of SharePoint and the protection of Boole Server are now offered together.





It is widely recognized that the primary causes which expose company data to security risks are increasingly coming from within the company, and are due to a variety of situations: loss or theft of laptops, tablets or smartphones; misappropriation; unauthorized copying or sharing of confidential documents.





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