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Nbiz Infosol (phonetically equivalent to enable business via information solutions) shortly called, Nbiz. We are proud to be one of the most trusted information solution provider. Nbiz Infosol is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It also operates in the other parts of the Middle East Regions mainly in: Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait and in India.

Nbiz Infosol was formed with the concept on handling different businesses and organizational demands in the Middle East. To assist our valuable customers on achieving and building an appropriate solutions that will meet their every business requirements.  With the plate of the best cost effective software to offer which is available in today’s market. Every company needs a trusted partner to handle the project as a turnkey project or on a case-by-case basis.


Nbiz proudly offers its services in three categories namely:



We are primarily focused in the areas of Information Security/Infrastructure Security, Information Governance, ISO Consultation and Facilitation, Auditing and Assessment and Trainings. Nbiz has also diversified into the health and safety field. These services are referred to as primary services of Nbiz. The services spectrum appears to be very broader but at the same time they are quite interlinked and complementing each other.


Nbiz also converges on the other segment such as enterprise information management and false assassinations solutions which is carried out through JVs (joint-venture projects), resources arrangement/agreements and various partnerships to facilitate the highly recommended solutions as per the customers’ demands. These are the secondary services that our team offers. Nbiz has a superior way on handling project co-ordinations and arrangements to make sure that we are fulfilling the customers’ requirements through a trusted partner like us. In today’s advanced world, there will not be even a single company that has all the resources and capabilities that are developed in-house. Instead, the organizations will rely on mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. At Nbiz, we deliver the most appropriate solution and fulfills the customer requirements. We built the experience through a strong trust and confidence within our customers.


Nbiz on the other hand, also provides resources augmentation services for the selected clients. Nbiz periodically trains and enhance the capability and skillset of each staff in order to provide the best resources for any esteemed organization. In today’s highly competitive world, organizations spends a huge amount of time in locating the most suitable resources, especially in the field of the Information Systems related resources. Nbiz provides resources augmentation at the tertiary level as it is not the core service of Nbiz and this is termed as TERTIARY SERVICES.


Nbiz has raised to the market demands and has also recently in the past diversified into the Health and Safety Domain and Nbiz is an Approved consultant by OSHAD - Abu Dhabi EHSMS center.


Nbiz Infosol is also the leading provider of consulting services, from strategic IT consulting and systems integration, to Project Management Training Courses in Dubai , UAE, outsourcing and training. Nbiz Infosol is also one of the top Health and Safety Consultant in Abu Dhabi,Dubai, Chennai. We provide high quality training on various health and safety courses including NEBOSH IGC and IOSH also.We have expert NEBOSH trainers who work closely with highly trained educational editors.


Building relationships is crucially important for every businesses. Nbiz Infosol strives to continuously build relationship with customers which lead us to improved behavioural loyalty and thus to increased bottom-line profits. Our key element is  always on excelling at customer services and providing consistently best products, solutions and services that suits our clients unique requirements.


Our professional staff applies a blend of technical knowledge, experience and business judgment to provide the insightful information necessary for our clients to make sound decisions with respect to our every clients needs.



ISO Consultation Certification Services

IT Infrastructure and Information Security

Auditing and Assessment

Information Governance

Green Consultancy

Training and knowledge transfer

Process Improvement

Enterprise Information Management and Process Automation

Resource Augmentation