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Nbiz Training & Knowledge Transfer

Training & Knowledge Transfer

There is a saying that Valuable Knowledge is eternal and is the fundamental moral setting block for any civilised citizen. The Knowledge that can be applied into anything that can benefit the living beings in the world is invaluable.  So acquiring such knowledge is truly a journey by itself. Also one has to be aware that there are different types of knowledge that is discussed:

 tacit knowledge

explicit knowledge

propositional knowledge and so on. 

It is also not enough to just acquire the knowledge you should also be skillful at it. That is you need to be able to apply the knowledge in practical context and achieve the outcome so that it can finally provide a Value. 

At Nbiz we help transfer the knwoledge of our experienced trainers, facilitators or tutors to the learners in a very effective manner






Knowledge is the only wealth and grows when imparted to others.