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Requirements Management

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Even Fred Brooks, author of The Mythical Man-Month,is quoted as saying, "The hardest single part of building a software system is deciding precisely what to build."Today, many organizations recognize the fact that for an organization to do an effective job at software development, it must understand what is to be built. Requirements form the basis of the initial estimates and plans; they also form the basis on which the software product is built and validated. Unfortunately poorly defined and misunderstood requirements continue to cause projects problems. The workshop takes a comprehensive look at Software RequirementsManagement. It examines key elements of the Software Requirements Management program and identifies pitfalls where many programs have failed. It presents the techniques that have proved successful in real-world programs, methods for implementing them and strategies for determining if the techniques are being effectively implemented. While emphasizing on the need for requirements management, the course focuses on the fundamentals of requirements management and how they relate to the system development life cycle from writing the requirements to testing.

The objective of this course is to improve the likelihood that products being constructed in Internet time satisfy customer needs.

Learning Level:  
  • Cost/Schedule
  • Establishing SCM Plan
  • Dealing with Inserting New Requirements -
  • Ripple Effects
  • Controlling Requirements "Creep"
  • Practical Reviews/ Walk throughs
  • Role of Inspection Establishing
  • Requirements Matrix and Traceability
    • Requirements Across the Product Life cycle
    • Institutionalizing requirement management
    • Future Directions: Use-Case Modeling
  • Introduction
  • Attributes of a Well-Written SRS
  • Strategies for Rapid Development
    • Manage System Scope
    • Refine the System Definition
  • Requirements Characteristics
  • Requirements Elicitation
    • Introduction
    • Survey of Techniques
    • Strategies for Rapid Development
    • Summary and Comparison; When is Each
    • Technique Most Applicable?
  • Introduction
  • How to Do Triage
  • Trade offs Between Requirements,
  • Schedules and Costs
  • Trade offs Between Requirements, Schedules,
  • Costs, Risks, and ROI
  • Strategies for Rapid Development
  • Summary
  • Definitions
  • Role in Development
  • Types of Requirements Activities
  • Uniqueness of Development in Internet Time
  • Why do Requirements Management?
  • Defining Requirements
  • The Requirements Management Process:
    • Scope and terms
    • Requirements management in the overall
    • development cycle
    • Commitment Planning
    • Requirements Gathering
    • Requirements Clarification (Preliminary Analysis)
    • Release Planning (Requirements triage)
    • Requirements Specifications and Verification
    • Commitment Acceptance


Application Requirments Gathering Professional Certification provided for successfully completed participants.

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