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Cloud Computing

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The course includes a study-kit and use of a PC for lab exercises.

Connect your on-premise accounts to the cloud using a security token service.

Utilizestorage services, model identity using federation and claims.

Learn the basics of cloud computing and its place in the IT ecosystem.

This course serves as an introduction to cloud computing for individuals and organizations.

The course will focus on architecture, dynamics, applications, benefits & issues concern for the 3 service models.

Explore the architecture of the Windows Platform.

Deploy applications and learn to control your execution environment.

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Cloud computing is revolutionizing all aspects of IT, including hardware, operating systems and applications. Faced with a rapidly changing business environment, organizations are under pressure to respond with a flexible IT infrastructure and applications. In this course, you gain the key knowledge and experience required to leverage both the business and technical benefits of cloud computing. You develop an effective implementation strategy and learn to build and deploy applications to the cloud.

Thoroughly assess the architectures, components, operation and tools of cloud computing

  • Leverage cloud vendors, including, Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon, for business advantage.
  • Exploit Software as a Service (SaaS) to optimize cost and resources
  • Create, deploy and secure applications and services with Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Commission a computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus
  • Design a cloud implementation strategy that minimizes the risk for your organization Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training: 

Throughout the course, a series of hands-on exercises provides you with practical experience in cloud computing. Exercises include:

  • Sharing documents with cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools
  • Analyzing cloud interface contracts
  • Assessing the tools for building applications to leverage cloud elasticity
  • Persisting structured data in the cloud
  • Commissioning an immediate server infrastructure
  • Evaluating cost benefits of a cloud solution
  • Developing a business plan for cloud adoption
  • Specifying a cloud adoption and migration strategy
Learning Level:  
  • Key drivers of cloud computing solutions
  • Evaluating barriers to cloud computing
  • Characterizing SaaS
  • Comparing service scenarios
  • Inspecting SaaS technologies
  • Exploring the technical foundation for PaaS
  • Building services with solution stacks
  • Managing cloud storage
  • Employing support services
  • Defining cloud computing
  • Delivering services from the cloud
  • Enabling technologies
  • Accessing IaaS
  • Calculating the financial implications
  • Preserving business continuity
  • Technical considerations
  • Planning the migration

This is an advanced learning level course which consists of a 3 days 8-hours duration.

The participant will be entitled for a certification of Certified Cloud Computing Professional.

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