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Nbiz Infosol as an authorized distributor for SecPoint – Best IT Security Firewall VPN – Vulnerability Scanning.


Cyber-attacks are forming a big threat to the growth and stability of the business which may exploit the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information’s and services of any organization locally and globally.


Nbiz Infosol would like to introduce the award winning products: The SecPoint Penetrator and the SecPoint Protector. The products are mainly focused on making sure that your business is safe from all the attacks and to avoid business losses.


The SecPoint Penetrator which has the ability to conduct an automated penetration testing scan, so that the organization will always be a step ahead from the attackers. The SecPoint Penetrator will deliver a massive improvement to the SME and SMB information security as it will give a detailed report of the security vulnerability and the solutions to mitigate the effect of the daily attacks that the organization might encounter.


The SecPoint Protector UTM (Unified Threat Management) Firewall, is a Complete UTM Firewall VPN Appliance. It combines the power of a Firewall + three anti-viruses + anti-spam software + Intrusion Protection system + Web and content filtering + 0 days update. This combination will make sure that your system is well protected from the internal and the external attacks.


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Unified Threat Management

The Protector is a Unified Threat Management network security appliance, which comes pre-loaded with comprehensive security.

Protection Filters:

  • Intrusion Prevention System with Zero Day Protection
  • Full Mail Archiving
  • Anti-Spam with Grey Listing
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Worms
  • Anti-Instant Messaging
  • Anti-VoIP
  • Anti-Games & Anti-P2P
  • Content Filter with Web Filter
  • Web Proxy
  • Instant Messaging Recording


Anti-Spam with Grey Listing

  • The revolutionary Anti-Spam Grey Listing functionality blocks between 75-85% of all spam before it enters the organizations network. The rest of the spam that comes in, is then scanned by the latest customized Spam Assassin engine that detects it as spam and quarantines it.



  • The Firewall prevents DoS, blocks Exploits, and supports Dynamic DNS IP addresses and other features.


Content Filter with Web Filter

  • The Web Filter allows the Administrator to control all websites that are being visited on the network. The Administrator can choose to block from more than 62 categories such as adult, news, gambling, auction sites, blog sites and many more.


Highly Sophisticated Intrusion Prevention System with Zero Day Protection

  • The Intrusion Prevention System consists of more than 12 years of research. For maximum defense Zero Day Protection adds an extra shield to the organization’s network so it can protect against many new or unknown threats before the vulnerability is discovered. This provides true protection from exploits before they can be created and launched against your network.


Built-in Protection from Denial of Service Attacks

  • The Protector blocks Denial of Service attacks so that your systems are robust under heavy attacks.

Full Mail Archiver

  • All incoming and outgoing mail are automatically stored on a hard drive. The Mail Archiver can be accessed by the users at the Self-service portal with the Appliance including Active Directory support for user authentication.


SecPoint Penetrator (Vulnerability Scanning Appliance Penetration Testing Capabilities). The Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner software & Appliance allows for powerful network auditing. You can scan both local and public IP addresses with up to 9 different scanning profiles.


Eliminating Complexity - To ensure IT Security for any organization is a complex task. The companies make it furthermore complex by hiding the actual prices of various modules from you with the basic motif to earn more from you by making you purchasing additional features modules, latest firmware, Support Packages, etc.



Secpoint Protector (Unified Threat Management)


The rest of the spam that comes in, is then scanned by the latest customized SpamAssassin engine that detects it as spam and quarantines it. Firewall - The Firewall prevents DoS, blocks Exploits, and supports Dynamic DNS IP addresses and other features.

Secpoint - Penetrator can Prevent Hackers from entering your server and network!

Whitepaper and case study:

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