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Data Centre Power

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Able to Learn Full Range Of Data Center Power And Electrical System,

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The data centre challenge is not just about hardware costs. It is increasingly about the reduction of energy consumption.In the early days you may have seen cheap household fans in many data centres being used just to keep things cool, this is no longer sufficient and sophisticated cooling systems now need to be employed. With the requirement for very high levels of availability; this means that standby or duplicated systems are provided for business critical data and applications. Although hardware performance keeps increasing, the performance per watt remains fairly constant, in other words, the total power consumed in data centres is rising. The operational costs of commercial data centres are almost directly proportional to how much power is consumed by the equipment. Worse still, a lot of that power is wasted. In today’s society, organizations are trying to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ and saving power is the name of the game in major data centers, even to the extent that many operators turn off the lights. This training course looks more closely at the different methods of providing electrical power to a data centre and identifies strategies to minimize the hidden electrical power costs and face the so called IT Power Crisis. All the Data Centre Courses have been fully updated to take into account the requirements of the 2009 EU Code of Conduct on Data Centers Energy Efficiency.

To understand the types of electrical power, standby and emergency power and determine options for efficient power distribution


  • Must have attended and passed the CDCD™ module or have previous experience in the given discipline.
Learning Level:  

The Electricity Supply

  • Where does the electricity come from?
  • Electrical supply options from Supply
  • Company
  • Costs of electrical power
  • Types of Tariff available
  • Comparison of European and American power systems

Distribution in the Data Centre

  • 1-phase AC, 3-phase AC and DC
  • Power options
  • Power distribution and Associated
  • Losses
  • Specifying Power Density
  • Power Density Areas
  • Peak versus Average Power density
  • Harmonic currents and residual losses
  • Emergency power off (EPO)

Standby Power

  • Standby Generators
  • UPS, batteries and redundant systems
  • (N+0, N+1, N+N)
  • UPS Technologies and Efficiencies

Methods of reducing power Consumption

  • Microprocessor trends
  • Multi-core processors
  • Server Power Tuning and Clustering
  • Virtualization performance and power
  • consumption
  • Low power networking eg. Ethernet
  • backplanes
  • Intelligent PDUs

This is an advanced learning level course which consists of a 8-hours duration.
The participant will be entitled for a certification of Certified after completing of his/her training successfully.

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    Any individual involved or responsible for the management of an existing Data Centre

  • doodles

    Designers and Consultants

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